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         Below you will find some frequently asked questions, if your question does not appear here please email us.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Phab?
  2. What are the open times of the club?
  3. Can I stay with my child ?
  4. Who runs the club?
  5. What happens at club?

What is Phab?

Phab England is a national registered charity.

The Charity:

Phab works in a very practical and active way to promote and encourage people with and without physical disability to come together on equal terms, to achieve complete integration within the wider community. Phab achieves this in a variety of ways including the organization of regional meetings and events, training programmes and holidays.

Each club affiliates to Phab England and receives help and support from both Phab England and Regional committees

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What are the open times of the club?

North and East Birmingham Phab club opens on a Monday evening 6.05pm   - 8pm,

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Can I stay with my child... ?

Yes. we actively encourage parents/carer's to come to club, you can choose to sit and chat with other parents/carer's or you can get involved with the activities with your child. Refreshments are provided.

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Who runs the club... ?

The club is run and overseen by a management committee, all are volunteers. The club has 4 Club leaders who are responsible for organizing activities, care of the children/young people and running the club. If you need to speak to someone or need advice, it is best that you contact club leaders, who are aware of all the children and any issues to do with the club.

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What Happens at Club ... ?

We have a number of arts and crafts tables, (most of them messy, so don't put your best clothes on!!) we have a few sporting activities ( Table tennis, Table football etc). We play group games, & we have refreshments, many more outdoor activities are planned for the summer.  We are also hoping to get involved with local community events (carnival, family fun day, community garden etc.)

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